Sunday, October 24, 2010

Starting is Doing

Being a founder is hard, you are a key contributor, leader, visionary, babysitter and janitor in a venture that is very risky but potentially very rewarding. You will be expected to find and take on more work than you can possibly do, nobody else will have enough time to tell you what to do. You will be expected to communicate what you are doing with everyone all the time. We believe that mobile cloud technology can help people express themselves better and grow social aspects of our society, and we consistently work towards helping people exploit the power of the mobile cloud to further that goal.
Our perspective on being a starter
  • We should be prepared to pay ourselves by bootstrap.
  • If you see something needs to be done, do it.
  • Nothing good is easy, if it was everyone would have it.
  • Improve and synthesize, exclude revolution from conversations.
  • Rock stars are negative agents. Be ready to humbly work with others closely.
  • We are very technical but not religious. Technological bigotry is blindness.
What are the qualities we are looking for?
  • Doing over Planning
  • Collaboration over Heroics
  • Wisdom over Intelligence
  • Consistency over Intensity
What are key roles and skills we need in our first founders?
  • Product Marketing & Business Development
  • Java and Web Engineering (Spring, Hibernate, JSP, jQuery, Android)
  • Experience Design (Web, Mobile, and Creative)
We are ready to talk to serious candidates about stake and how their founding shares would convert during a funding event. This ensures that all founders are engaged when we are ready for the post funding phase. Non funding based exit scenarios are also possible for founders. If you have read this far you can probably tell we think a little differently than most places you could work. If you have any questions about why we value these things, and how our approach interests you should sign up.

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