Friday, July 2, 2010

Seeing yourself

Well I have just gone through an amazing experience and see myself better because of it. I don't think there is any life changing impact but I have learned how I want go about building my company which is valuable. I will now go back to focusing on that and my users who I love. So sorry for the break.

I have also discovered that I may not want to seek funding traditionally. Unless it comes from people I know or who want to get to know me for its own sake, I am probably not going to look for money. This is because I think I am not a fit for the culture common in this process. This may mean that this will take a lot longer, or that it may continue like this. Norms have been established by the community that I don't agree with. I understand where they come from and why they are there, but they aren't aligned with my vision or values.

So I don't have any hard feelings, how could I? We don't truly learn without some experiences to back them up. I now have more experiences to back them up. I will now try to spend more time on building great products for my users, listening more to my inner voice, and only listening to criticism from those who have a vested interest in my success.

Sometimes you just have to be true to yourself, chalk it up and move on.

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