Monday, June 7, 2010

What are we doing?

What does your company do and what need does it serve?
Currently small businesses are blind to who there customers are and what they are thinking. We bring small businesses together with their best customers using customer relationship management, rewards, location based services and mobile computing.

What is the market size for your offering?
Our starter market consists of self provisioned "mom and pop" restaurants, pubs and clubs, 750,000 businesses.

What makes you unique as compared to your competition?
It is difficult to Yelps meaningful, structured reviews on a phone, they cost too much ($3000/yr) and small businesses hate them. There are review sites, rewards programs, there are CRMs there are LBS based games, but nobody has tied it all together. Some people are trying, is successfully mining social media, but they don't have a way for the business to directly connect with the customer.

How much money are you raising and how will the money be used?
It is unclear that funding is our goal in this process. If we take funding it will most likely be for marketing and user acquisition.

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