Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doing is Essential to Success


As a starter, the willingness to do, learn how to do, or to shepard what needs to be done is essential. If a CEO takes the attitude that any job in the enterprise is beneath them or that they are incapable of learning it they are doomed for two big reasons; First, knowing specifically what it takes to run the business at every level means that there is understanding essential to proper management and planning, wearing different hats and making real contributions by doing provides that knowledge. Second, if a CEO isn't willing to do a specific function of the company, how can he or she really say they are on the team? If picking up a broom and playing janitor is required a CEO should be happy to sweep. That isn't saying that I think I would be as good as a trained 10 year veteran in customer support, QA, or Product Marketing but I can say that if its a key business function and we don't have coverage, I better be willing to learn quickly, and that means anything essential to the company's success. When you see something needs to be done there are only a few options:

  1. Tell someone to do it who you trust and know that can
  2. Show someone how to do it and then shepard their progress
  3. Just do it yourself

Saying something should be done just isn't going to cut it, unless you follow up, verify and contribute to the process you might as well not even make it a goal.

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