Sunday, April 4, 2010

What happens when you need to fan in?

The sentiment engine should allow a fan in flow of multiple streams, location streams, where consumers create a human routed peer to peer network via forward (aka RT), annotate and add another layer each forward. Fan in subscriptions to experts.

As people who respect each other pass along an idea like the telephone game, each annotation is a layer, but unlike the traditional game where an idea is mutated, each layer stands unchanged much to the ideal of copy-left, that copy that venture leftward instead of being altered remains intact, perfect unchanged by any other contributor, just added to.

We are looking to integrate the idea of data providers, with peer to peer forward. How do you create machines that use things like semantic probability that will allow many different systems of the in the cloud to feed into one domain model? These streams when mapped into a sentiment engine will allow for real time updates into the sentiment store.

UPDATE: Ok so I know this post isnt exactly lucid, but it is based on real technology we use to match multiple location sources into our data model. So just think of it as a recording in time of a mental jazz riff ok?

attributions: 26 Peacock Fan From the new fan book Abanico by Julie S Roces slightly bigger than A4 size

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