Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Coding Procrastination?

Just finished reading an interesting blog post, referred by the Y-combinator site, that basically claimed Coding is Procrastination.

For a software developer, software development is the easiest job in the world. You know how to do it, you have experience doing it, and you enjoy doing it. And these people who say they want to start businesses are sitting and programming all the time. What type of business is made up of only code? That's not a business, that's a product. The business is all the other stuff around the product, and that's the stuff that these people have no intention of doing, and without which they have nothing.
--- @maxklein

To be honest a lot of the article rang true, I sometimes feel that there is so much code to be written that I haven't been able to develop some of the business aspects that I really think make this a special play. The issue is I *know* that there are some specific features that are not there that are causing some users to loose loyalty. I also feel that business development may be a waste of time without a strong user base that can make the business proposition reasonable.

You know I am not talking about my base, @quiksand, @edbrophy, @droidguy, @sgraham, and @nomo4me are going to be in the possie no matter what, but for this to work we really need a broader appeal and the site really needs to do some important things:

1. Strong Search Tools - If service tattler is going to help people who care about service it needs to act as a valuable too that helps people find the places they want to go to.
2. Meaningful Real Time Tattling - Making it easy for people to to communicate their sentiment about places they frequent using mobile devices is a core value proposition to the consumer. It has to be rock solid, fast, and meaningful.
3. Business Presence and Relationship Management Tools - Businesses need a way to promote themselves directly to the consumer, and extract value from that relationship using analytics and direct to consumer awards. To become a marketplace for customer sentiment we need to add the other party to the relationship.

This is going to take some code, and time to make sure it is a good product. We are absolutely interested in the business development aspects and we are very excited about the possibilities we see, but until we can say we do those things at least its hard to figure out how we can make this a business.

What do you think about this?

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